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Social Media For Business Guide – April 2013

In order to be effective in the new internet  marketing age, now is the time to seriously consider how to develop an effective social media marketing strategy.
Lack of social proof can affect your Google ranking results
Google places a high level of importance on measuring your social media marketing activity. Providing Google with this social proof is now essential, in order to improve your search engine ranking results.
If you are interested to learn more about how you can use social medi…

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Online Internet Marketing Digest April 2013

Check out our April edition of Online Internet Marketing Digest which showcases this month’s top online marketing and website promotion stories.This regular feature is published every month and is designed to provide you with the most up to date Online Marketing Information, all in one place.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with the latest online trends and developments that may affect your business, please view our collection of the latest, hand picked, internet marketing new…

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What Do I Need To Create A Mobile Website

Your business needs a mobile website. If your business doesn’t have a mobile website now, you have no idea how many customers you are losing every day. Read on to find out why you need to create a dedicated mobile optimised website, and how you are losing real customers.
Limitations of Mobile Websites
As you can imagine, the biggest limitation of a mobile website is size. For mobile phone users you have only three to four inches of screen size to play with. In case of tablet PC users, you…

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WordPress Hacking Tips

Image by shizhao via Flickr

According to various recent reports, WordPress websites have been targeted by a major hacker attack.

The WordPress sites have been attacked by a botnet consisting of thousands of individual computers since last week.

Unfortunately, many WordPress users fail to change this default username setting, making them ideal targets and extremely vulnerable to this type of brute force hacking attack.

If your WordPress Blog or website has been hacked recently or yo…

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Best Software To Create A Mobile Website

You too can create a mobile website and attract potential customers on the move. The best software to create a mobile website is the one that lets you easily create a mobile friendly and smart phone ready website. These tools allow you to create a great looking, fast loading mobile optimised website in a matter of minutes. For today’s online marketers, there is no excuse for not owning a mobile site. Let’s find out how you can create a mobile website in less than 60 minutes!

Most website host…

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Online Website Promotion Tools

There is a wide range of online website promotion tools that can be used to help you develop your website and improve your level of visitor traffic. There are tools that will help you to keep track of your website’s performance in search engines and there are tools that will help you to discover broken links from within your site. Also discover tools that will help you to identify the top websites from which your competitors obtain their backlinks and learn how you too can secure links from the …

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